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The Book of Blackjack Is the Best Machine you should play

Are you familiar with the video blackjack game Book of Ra? Then the Book of Casino would surely be a delight to come by. This is an updated version of one of the most popular video blackjacks today. This is manufactured by Novomatic. This is very much similar to the usual blackjack machines. It has 5 reels and 10 pay lines. The maximum payoff multiplier is when you hit an iconic Egyptian-themed blackjack. This is equal to 5000x. On top of that, the player will also be able to get 10 bonus free spins along with an additional expanding symbol. If you are more of a gambler, you can maximize payout by playing risk in the game to multiply the total payout.

Interested to know more about the Book of Casino? Below are the rules and controls of the game.

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What are the controls?

There are two settings available that can be adjusted by the player in the video blackjack. One is the number of active lines. And second is the bet per line. The number of active lines can vary between 1 and 10. This is accessed via the Lines menu and there are minus and plus buttons. The bet per line can be selected in the range from 1 to 100 credits. This can also be changed via the Bet/Line menu.

When pressing the start button, one can expect the launch of spins too. There’s an autoplay button that will activate the automatic mode. There’s a table of indices that is brought up by the Paytable button.

What are the rules?

The book is the main symbol of the Live Dealer Blackjack. This also carries out varied important functions. For one, this is considered a wild symbol that replaces all others in the winning combinations. And second, it is a Scatter that will activate the free spins. If you happen to chance on 3, 4, or 5 books, the player will receive a payoff that would equal to a total bet that is multiplied by 2x, 20x or 200x. There’s even a greater icon to look out for. This is the Man in Hat icon. This is considered the highest-paying one. It has as much as 10x, 100x, 1000x and even a 5000x multiplier.

Truly the Book of Casino game is a step greater than the old version, guaranteed to keep you and other people hooked through winning. The next time you visit your nearest casino, make sure to try the book of Casino free blackjacks.


Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Slots Gaming

People were great gambling enthusiasts from time immemorial. It was believed that the Egyptian God Thoth was the inventor of the game, the inventor of the letter and the supreme judge. Also for the ancient Greeks, the game came from the Gods.

Currently, casinos are very successful.

Las Vegas is and will remain a choice for many. Casinos in China are mostly popular all over the world because of the small taxes that the government charges on profits. But what happens if you can’t pay or don’t want to go somewhere to play your favorite casino games? IT professionals have found a solution for this: mobile slot apps.

You can download them to any phone with WAP support, but they work better on smartphones. In general, you can play in the casino only with mobile phones that can really cope with the execution of gaming applications. Otherwise, the game will not work at all. There are several applications to choose from, but it all depends on the model of your mobile phone. In most cases, the use of the game of mobile slots on a regular mobile phone is very different from the iPhone and Blackberry. However, the essence of the game is still there with almost the same rules.

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Downloading the application itself is free, but, of course, if you make bets with real money, you have to spend on your bets. Mobile slot games are almost identical to games in real life. If you just want to have fun playing the game on your mobile phone, you can do it because it gives you the opportunity to play for real money or just play it for fun. It will also give you the opportunity to practice the game, learn the rules and prepare a real deal for you in the casino. Be careful not to lose too much money, this is very bad for your finances. Just be careful not to fall for the emotions of the moment.

In conclusion

Playing at Mobile slot is a great alternative to a real casino. The rate is not as high (at least not as high as in real casinos), and you can earn a lot of money by playing in the right place. You can play in your car, waiting for a traffic light change, or play during a boring train ride. You can play Mobile slot anywhere and anytime.


How Does The New Casino Phone Bill Work?

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The casinos over the Internet nowadays are just convenient as ever be. There are tons of features and new updates that come in mobile platforms. This means that you don’t need to stay on the site with your desktop to play your favorite games. And much more, the payment methods are safer, faster, and very reliable. Deposit by phone bill casino allows players to make payments and to add funds using their phones. Thus, making all games on-the-go with high-speed internet. As long as you have installed the app in your mobile devices,  you can always enjoy the mobile online casino. This remote innovation is the most accessible casino platform to date. If you have not heard of this mobile gaming yet, it is further explained here.

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Phone Bill Depositing Method

The mobile payment is actually the easiest way to get your money services online. This method lets you use your mobile phone the same goes with a credit or debit card. The cost is automatically added to your phone bill whenever you use the mobile payment. It is also the safest way for it needs only your phone number to play any games and for payments. Everything will reflect on your phone bill for whatever you spend with them of the same value. So it is like pay-as-you-go money services added to your monthly bill. The contract will matter though depending on your subscription plan.

How does this Mobile Payment Work?

The mobile payment is very simple to used to be exact. The process is much likely the same as the way you make deposits into your online casino account. In other words, the money transactions go around in your phone unless you choose some other ways. By far, this method is the simplest and safest way to make the deposit. But, the process of setting your account might need some time. For most cases, you need to call the number of the casino or message them online to verify your account. Make sure that you are safe and verified before you even make any deposit on any mobile casino site. There are times that the casino will redirect you to some other payment options like e-cards and more.

Is the Phone Bill Transparent Enough?

When it comes to mobile gaming, the reliability of the platform is vital. So before you switch on the use of your phone, make sure that the app is legit enough. This way you can always keep track of the amount that you are spending and if there is an added cost. Paying by phone bill has lead to more chances of going beyond your budget. Thus, select the mobile app that gives you online receipts to see the limit that you set for your gambling. The transparency is vital as this will prevent you from over-spending. It will also save a lot of your time when compared to the usual money transactions. The phone bill thus cuts the waiting times you spent before you can make deposits or withdraw your funds. The amount that you have chosen shows up on your account in an instant when using the phone bill.